Thursday, September 1, 2016



Fabio was born in Puglia, Italy. As a grown up, he started Pharmacy Studies at the local University, but left it in order to live in the big city-Rome. 

Once he arrived there, he was discovered by the owner of 'il + Bello d'Italia' Beauty Contest.  He took part in the competition and won the title of 'Uomo Ideale' of Rome and Mr. Rome. He was immediately interviewed by the media, and made his first appearances on Italian TV and in some RAI YV Fiction series.

Fabio's unique look made PLAYGIRL Magazine choose him for an International Photo Shooting. 
Then, he decided to take some time off from the celebrity lifestyle, focusing on his real passion-Bodybuilding and Training.

He became a Personal Trainer  and worked with many clients not for Bodybuilding Competitions but because he was fascinated by the fact that he could transform people's physique and help them feel better with themselves. 

Then he became the main icon of the evening series " ITALIA SUL 2".

He participated in the Spanish International Competition "Gods of the Olympus" where people from all over the world were asked to choose their favourite candidate who looks like a "Greek God" to them. Fabio was the 1st winner out of 3  and apart from  a cash reward he was signed on a contract which enabled him to travel around the world and dance from Mexico to Europe. He also traveled to Dubai for a Photo Shoot and his name became globally known. Therefore, he was invited to dance in more places in the globe and was invited to various International Events. 

This life style somehow made him tired and exhausted so he decided to stop for a while and chose Madrid , Spain as his residence city. There he discovered Urban Fitness,where he started working as a freelance Personal Trainer. In a very short period of time he earned new clients, working around the clock to build his reputation. Thanks to his popularity and hard work, he didn't even have time for himself, eating or training, but the satisfaction he got from the world of Fitness and his clients kept him going. 

A year ago he decided to enter more professionally in the world of social media. Having an active Facebook account since 2012 with an increasing number of thousands of friends,  he owns now 50.000 followers on his Instagram account. Social media makes him happy for one main reason: the admiration of the Human Body and the comments he get thanks to his remarkable physics. He gets thousands of messages from people who ask him for help to change their own body.

Fabio believes there is a chance for all of us to find in our own environment a Personal Trainer or someone who can advise us about nutrition or how to build a better body. He is satisfied when someone manages to transform his body and wear clothes of less size or go to the beach with friends feeling more comfortable with his body.

His height is 1,83m and he weighs 96 kg ( 102kg  in March 2016). He dreams of moving to Miami and open his own Gym there.

This is my story so far. Thank you for this article and support , Fabio.

Monday, August 8, 2016


Dear readers, 

A new shining star from Ukraine is right here for you to get to know! Muscleman, Powerlifter, arm wrestler, Personal Trainer, Photo Model and Actor in his country, ready to be discovered and become a big international star. Let's find out more about him in our exclusive interview we managed to book for all our global public, so here goes! 

1. Hello Yuri and Welcome to our website. We 're proud to  present an Ukrainian sportsman. Let's turn back in time and let's talk about your childhood. What was the reason you took up sports ? 

Happy to greet all the web-site readers and fans of " iron sport". I am glad to share my life story with you. I am always honest in responses and hope to be helpful to any of you!

In my childhood I was very thin and weak but inside of me I was very strong. I realised  that this  sport us the only sport which would give me more strength, change me physically and make people think differently about me. I always strived to be useful for people, be a motivator and an example for the society. 

2. You took up running , ice hockey skiing and martial arts. Which one was the best that helped you physically ?

Definitely, martial arts were the sports that strengthened me the most as I was training with the coach. But my complexes were even more helpful. In general I consider complexes to be very important in the personality development.

3. Who was the person who influenced  you in your decision to develop your body and lift weights ? 

My motivator was Arnold Schwarzenegger. I observed his success  and wanted to repeat his path at least for 1%.

4. n 2000 you graduated from NTUU KPI and the Faculty of Physical Education and you specialized in Powerlifting. What is special about this sport ? 

I really graduated from KPI but my profession was not bodybuilding but powerlifting. For me powerlifting is my sports mother and father. It was the very beginning that seeded the ability to fight with weights, earth gravity, with other people on the stage but to the biggest extent with myself.

5. From 1999-2009 you took part in many powerlifting and arm wrestling competitions with great trophies and victories. How do you feel when you are the winner in these sports ?

Each victory gave me strength called "faith in my own business". The main award for me is that I move to my aim. It's the main thing - the warrior's path.

6. You are also an actor and a photo model. How can you combine all these with your favorite sports ? 

I became a model and an actor much later. Since 2008 I have participated  in different TV projects. Honestly speaking,  I've always dreamt of being an actor. The world of impersonalisation has always been a mystery for me and I do really love mystery. I combine sport and acting easily as I am a short role character but I really hope to get more offers which will not be connected to my appearance, mainly the roles in which I will act on my own personality. 

7. Tell us about acting and what you want to express from it? How do people react when they see a muscled person like you performing? 

Being an actor I live through many lives ,that is I live lives of those whom I depict (gangsters, doctors, builders, bodyguards, loving fathers). When people see me on  stage and not only there the reaction is so different - from admiration till critics!

In my country and in general in post Soviet countries there are some strong stereotypes that people of my appearance are disabled, impotent, dumb, with a very low IQ level but it just demonstrates their unintelligence, jealousy and disrespect to a person's efforts on the way to a healthy way of life.

Concerning other people, for example Europeans, its a completely different story as people understand and respect sportsmen achievements. I've always met  only admiration and respect towards my personality and acting career. 

8. You are also a gym owner in your hometown. Tell us about young people in Ukraine and what they think about physical education and bodybuilding ?

My gym with the name "VOLOTAR" is the second gym which is the successor of my 1st gym "YURIA". As the gym is located in my village where people have few places to go to, I am happy that hundreds of them come to me for advice and want me to train them. The majority is interested in Bodybuilding. 

9. If you can use a time machine and you have a ticket for time travel in 5 years' time in the future, how will your life be then? 

If I can imagine myself in 5 years I clearly see my future!! It's me in excellent form and I am the owner of at least  3 gyms - 2 power gums and 1 for fitness with one sauna. And the main thing - a lot of people, friends, colleagues, "iron sport" fans, healthy body and fitness lovers. 

10. What would you advise younger generations about their bodies and weight lifting ?

For the young generation my suggestion and recommendation is never to give up and if you fall just get up and move further. I fell but stood up even stronger! I also wish them to respect themselves and their health. Men must be strong and women must be beautiful but not fat.

And I wish them patience!As for powerlifting and bodybuilding you must be in love with these sports with each muscle, each bone, be fanatic to some extent. And the main thing for them is to be careful and not injure themselves.

I wish you health my friends and take care! 

Thank you for the opportunity of this interview and I hope we continue our collaboration! You can contact this website for more info on me and I can't wait to talk to you! 

Yura, August 2016.