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Today's post is about the Romanian Bodybuilder Roberto Alexandru. Roberto is 23 and he lives in Bucharest, Romania. 
Roberto is the 2015 Tiger Classic (Contanta) 1st Juniors 90+ and Overall Champion at Juniors. Let's get to know him better. The info comes from his own website. 

" I started gym when I was 16 yo and 62 kgs. Before then I played handball for 3 years, I also played basketball, swimming, tennis, football, karate, so I'm a sportsman.  I started the gym because I was too skinny.

When I was child I was fat, and when I grew, started smoking and became very  skinny.  I started gym  just to look good at the pool, or at the beach...  and inn time, I saw that I grew more than my friends, and I grew and I grew, without supplements or anything because they were very expensive for me.  I was dreaming of  a protein bottle for my birthday at 17. 

At 18 I started to work, and with that I had some money to invest in me. But not much, just enough to have some vitamins, and a creatine monthly.

At 19 I entered my first contest, I just wanted to see how bodybuilding contests were. I kept the strict diet from what I read on the Internet and surprise, I was Overall Champion!!! Wow -  at first contest I was with 91 kgs on stage but I am very tall 1,88 meters tall.  

Then a lot of people and trainers saw me and told me I have a great genetic potential, so i started the hard work - I prepared for 2014 when I entered the pro nutrition and Tiger Classic, but with 11 more kgs of muscle -  102 kgs on stage. It was something wow.. for all people - 11 quality muscles in only 1 year was  amazing.

In 2015 at Tiger Classic I was at 112 kgs, so again gained 11 kg of muscles in only 1 year!

My dream - of course - is to become a Pro Bodybuilder and have a career through that - to inspire people and have a good everyday life. 

I work very hard for that, it is my dream -  I do it 200%! "


Name: Roberto Alexandru
Born:  10th July 1994
Lives: Bucharesti, Romania
Nickname: Bocka
Height: 188cm  (6' 3")
Weight Contest: 112kgs (247 lbs)
Weight Off Season: 125-130 kgs
Biceps:  55cm   21.5''
Calves: 53cm  20.5"


2015  Age 21
Pro Nutrition Grand Prix 2015 (Dej)
                                                              1st Juniors 90+kgs
                                                              Overall Champion at Juniors
                                                               1st Men's 100+kgs
                                                               2nd Men's International 100+kgs

Tiger Classic (Constanta)        
                                                               1st Juniors 90+kgs
                                                               Overall Champion at Juniors
2014  Age 20
Pro Nutrition Grand Prix     1 st place at Juniors 90+ kgs,                                                                                    Overall Junior 
                                                             2nd place at men's 100+ kgs
Tiger Classic Bucharest        Overall Champion at Juniors, 
                                                              Second place at men's 95+ kgs's 
                                                              Winner: Most Muscular of the Competition 
                                                             (I was the athlete with greatest symmetry proportions and most muscular)
2013  Age 19
Pro Nutrition Grand Prix       1 st place at Juniors 90+ kg 
                                                                Overall champion - Juniors 

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Sunday, January 15, 2017


This is our  second article for  the Big Bull Egyptian Bodybuilder and Coach Mahmoud Al Durrah. Mahmoud is 31, and he lives in Canada. He is the Canadian National CBF Champion of 2012 and 2015. He is a worldwide coach with a website of his own. We got information from his website about his bio so here it goes:

"Born on 21st of September, 1986, I grew up most my life living in Egypt. I was always a fan of comics, Japanese anime, and I spent most of my childhood and teenage years drawing, and in front of the TV. By the end of high school, unfortunately due to cultural reasons, I was forced into Engineering by my parents. After my first year in University, I decided I needed an escape, and so I took up boxing.

A motorcycle accident and a shoulder surgery later, I was told I would not be able to continue boxing, and so I thought to myself; if I can’t fight like the characters I drew, I might as well look like them. And that’s when it all began. A year later I began actively competing in bodybuilding.

After several attempts, I became the first in my University history to win the University and Collegiate Nationals in bodybuilding. That was my fifth show, in 2009. After graduating in 2011, I moved to Muscat, Oman, to work as a sales Engineer. Unhappily working, I began to retreat once more into the bodybuilding lifestyle. 2 warning letters later, I competed in the IFBB Oman 8th Annual national competition, where I had placed 4th.

Soon after a long depressing phase, I had finally received the news that my Immigration to Canada was ready, just in time for the birth of my first son. And it was here where life’s true brute began. No jobs, no prospects, doing small work here and there, I wasn’t going anywhere, barely surviving, making ends meet, and feeding my family. A year later, my daughter was born, and it was then when I decided, again, bodybuilding is to be my saviour, one last time. This was my last ditch effort.

My 4th placing in Oman had qualified me for Nationals in Canada, the biggest and highest level competition for Amateur bodybuilding – It was do or die.

August 18th, 2012, was the day my life changed; It was the day I  won the Canadian Nationals as a middle weight from my first attempt. Since then I have built my reputation as a bodybuilder, and as a coach, helping people with customized programs to achieve short term and long term goals, and preparing  athletes for competitions – be it bikini, figure, physique, or bodybuilding. My record stands solid, and I strive and continue to inspire others with what I do, and proving that dreams do come true.

Contest History

2006 University and Collegiate Egyptian Nationals: NP
– 2007 University and Collegiate Egyptian Nationals: 9th
– 2008 University and Collegiate Egyptian Nationals: 4th
– 2009 University and Collegiate Egyptian Nationals: 1st
– 2011 IFBB Oman Nationals: 4th
– 2012 CBFF Canadian Nationals Middle Weight Champion

Quick Facts
Title: Bodybuilder/Coach
Education: B.Sc. Civil Engineering
Location: Montreal, QC
 Favourite Exercise: Walking Lunges

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