Saturday, December 9, 2017


Muscle Ammiratore has a very special post today. A 24-year-old massive young giant. His name is Vincenzo Masone. 
" The Mass" as they call him was born in Italy but lives and works as a Personal Trainer in New York,USA. We managed to get some information about him from the famous Blog Muscle Lover, so here goes!

Country: Italy/USA
Birthdate: 1993
Height: 188cm/6'2''
Competition weight: 125kg/275lb

Off season weight: 135-145kg/300-320lb

As you see, his proportions are massive..a real muscle bull in his off season with an amazing DNA...Here are recent photos of him so enjoy a great massive Italian muscle Bull ready worth long hours of worship! Have a great massive weekend the Italian way! 

Sunday, December 3, 2017


The prestigious San Marino Pro Contest 2017 was held the on November 24-26 with huge success and participants among the best Pro Bodybuilders of our time. The first 10 finalists according to the official IFBB scores are : 

1) Cedric McMillan, USA 
2) Hadi Choopan, Iran
3) Brandon Curry, USA
4) Tim Budesheim, Germany
5) Essa Obaid, United Arab Emirates
6) Clarence Davis,Belgium 
7) Dani Kaganovich, Israel 
8) Rafael Brandao, Brasil 
9) Brandon Ray, USA 
10)Petr Clancir, Croatia 

Muscle Ammiratore presents the first part of the photo collage today. Enjoy the Muscle Giants! 
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